About Tom Reynolds

  1. I've lived in London my whole life, mainly in the North and East.

  2. I use to live in Dagenham, then I lived in Enfield, now I'm living in Barking.

  3. Currently I live in a terrible block of flats.

  4. But it is cheap and the flat itself is quite nice, once the door is shut.

  5. I live on my own, have no pets and no plants.  (unless you count the silverfish in the bathroom).

  6. I have a mum (1) and a brother (1).

  7. I have no idea where my father is, or even if he is still alive.

  8. I was born in 1971, and am a Sagittarius and a cockney.

  9. I don't believe in astrology.

  10. But I do believe in dowsing.

  11. After school I trained to be a Primary school teacher, but left just before I qualified when I realised that I loathed children.

  12. My brother however ignored my advice, became a teacher and now earns much more than I do.

  13. I have a diploma, he has a degree.  But I'm not jealous - I have more hair than him.

  14. I taught myself Z80 machine code when I was 13, now I have trouble installing Linux or getting Windows to work.

  15. I did Maths, Electronics, Computing and Physics 'A' Levels - A good grounding for a career in the health service.

  16. I've worked for the N.H.S. since I was 23.

  17. First I was a nurse, specialising in A&E.  I've worked in four hospitals, but my favourite had "zero stars" for two years running.

  18. ...And a Sister who just got sent to prison for stealing opioid drugs.

  19. I lived in Enfield for several years at four different addresses - each time sharing a house with other nurses.

  20. I left A&E because all I wanted to do was torture the patients - this is not healthy.

  21. I then joined the London Ambulance Service.  Now I have stopped torturing all but the congenitally obnoxious and drunks.  (and drug addicts... and rude people)

  22. No-one knows I blog at work, and they likely won't find out.

  23. Reasons why I love my job?  Fresh air, you are your own boss, you get to drive on the wrong side of the road and you only have to look after patients for 20 minutes.

  24. Amongst other jobs I've cleaned for Sainsbury's, gutted fish (for one day), and walked the streets sticking those annoying leaflets through letterboxes.

  25. I love London, and can't ever see myself leaving.

  26. When younger I represented my country in swimming competitions.

  27. I'm now incredibly unfit - and am quite happy at this state.

  28. I used to be able to drink a bottle of vodka in a night.

  29. Now I get drunk after two strong beers - something I try to avoid.

  30. ...I'm a very cheap date.

  31. I don't "do" drugs, the last time I tried cannabis I was rather ill.

  32. I don't smoke, have unprotected sex or drink to excess - I'll be dead before I'm 50.

  33. If I'm not wearing a medical uniform I'm actually very shy.

  34. I blog because I find it amusing.  And I get to meet new and interesting people from across the world.

  35. I never used to have a pension because I was convinced I would be dead before I reached 50.  Now I'm not so sure.  Given my current pension plans it might be better if I do.

  36. I like most forms of music, except R'n'B, Pop pap, Drum 'n' Bass and Improvisational Jazz.

  37. Favourite music includes Alabama 3, Moby, any "Happy Hardcore", Sisters of Mercy, most female singer/songwriters and Marillion (Fish era).

  38. I don't think you can beat live music as a form of entertainment.

  39. I have a habit of loving a band mere months before they hit the big time - I never feel "cheated" by their success.

  40. If I'm still breathing then I realise that things can't be that bad.

  41. I find the idea of vampires interesting - but I don't think they are real.

  42. ...especially those who claim to be "psychic vampires".

  43. I read comics - but only the ones I enjoy.

  44. I also read books, when I have the time.

  45. I can juggle three balls, and I used to be able to solve a Rubiks cube.

  46. I have a very poor memory

  47. I can juggle three balls, and I used to be able to solve a Rubiks cube.

  48. I'm also a bit hard of hearing.

  49. I can't touch my toes, I can't touch my nose with my tongue, I can't see without glasses/contacts.

  50. I can still stand on my head - but it makes me dizzy.

  51. The thing that I hate the most is that humanity has so much potential for good, but so often disappoints.

  52. Why "Random Acts Of Reality"?  Because life can change dramatically because of them.

  53. I prefer being awake at night, and asleep during the day - this is nothing to do with my interest in vampires.

  54. I automatically admire anyone who can speak another language or play a musical instrument - two things I have tried many times before and have failed miserably in.

  55. I can swear in Tagalong,  Afrikaans and Mandarin.

  56. I've had the same email address for 12 years.  It gets a lot of spam.

  57. I've never been engaged, rarely think having children would be a good idea and do not chase after lurve.

  58. I'm single, and quite happy being so.

  59. I can't stand watching football - but I am heterosexual.

  60. I don't have political leanings - I think all politicians are by nature crooked liars and as bad as one another.

  61. I think "Anarchists" and "Socialists" need to grow up and realise just how stupid most of humanity is.

  62. I think "Capitalists" know how stupid most of humanity is.

  63. I plan on giving the Lib Dems a chance come the next election - it's about time they had a chance to disappoint me as well.

  64. I still play Role-playing games occasionally - it's good for stress relief.  (That's my story and I'm sticking to it).

  65. I could sleep 14 hours a day if I was allowed.

  66. Happiness is a comfy bed, and no alarm clock.

  67. I wonder how people can do 100 of these things.

  68. I'll never be as insightful as Cory Doctorow, as handsome as Brad Pitt, as famous as a Big Brother contestant, as successful as Bill Gates, or as well hung as John Holmes.  It isn't something that bothers me much.

  69. I used to drink 2 litres of Diet Coke a night.  I ended up in hospital when I went "cold turkey".  Now I manage something a little more sensible.

  70. I know my grammar skills are appalling, I use hyphens and commas too much and have trouble constructing a sentence.

  71. I will never carry a National ID card.

  72. I've walked ten miles through North London barefoot in the rain.

  73. I used to want to be a hippy - this is not connected with the previous point.

  74. I only own socks that are coloured black.

  75. I think rats, pigeons, foxes and cockroaches are the coolest animals around because they show humanity that despite our best efforts we can't make everything we want extinct.

  76. I hate doing laundry, and loathe ironing.

  77. No matter how carefully I shave, I always look like I have a five o'clock shadow.

  78. I have an avatar in There - imaginatively called "Reynolds".

  79. If someone tried mugging me, I wouldn't be heartbroken if I accidentally killed them.

  80. I can't sing, I can't dance and I can't flirt - I have never "picked up" a woman in a nightclub.

  81. I think Anton LaVey had the right idea.